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   I'm mom of 2 kids. My daughter celebrated 13 years old on the May and she is officially teens. Where has time flown? How in the blink of an eye have she transformed from small, sweet child into pretty young girl.

      The teenage years are a time of immense change. Some teenagers glide through with ease while others may find these years challenging and suffer self-esteem issues. In the world of selfies and Social networks teens are constantly exposed to images of perfection and not many feel that they match up. Sadly, few teenagers aware of the inherent beauty of their youth, but they are so gorgeous and I love to catch this vitality in my portraits and make my teen subjects feel fantastic about themselves. That’s why, in addition to individual portrait shoots, I offer Teen Photoshoot (Studio or Location Portrait Photoshoots). Which is a bit like an Senior Portrait Shoot. It’s like a fashion photoshoot and teens love it. They will look and felt uplifted and positive when will see the images. The experience will boost their self-esteem and gave them confidence in their journey towards adulthood.

 If you want to celebrate this fleeting time in the life of your teenager please write me: https://www.happypic.net/contact

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