Eduardo & Ruth | 50th Wedding Anniversary | Wedding Photographer | Houston, TX

          A very heart-warming love story of Eduardo and Ruth who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It’s a story of eternal LOVE! They’ve got 3 beautiful and loving children. Their daughter Ruth booked a wedding anniversary photoshoot as a gift for her parents. I was honoured to take a few photos for them. This gorgeous couple showed me all their feelings and I almost cried when shooting. After 50 years they still love one another ,and with tenderness and admiration they look into each others eyes. Observing their love and feelings from the side I had made a cople of conclusions for myself. I would like to share them with you I hope that they will help you: you should always respect each other to succeed in marriage, you should never stop laughing together and don't ever stop saying those important words "I Love You!"

          All of this is real, no matter what you think, it's possible,and not only in fictional stories. It’s a story of real emotions and real love. I hope this sweet couple brings a smile to your face, as they did to mine)

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